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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focuses on explaining behavior in terms of observable measurable events, to identify concrete and effective behavior change strategies. ABA is the design, implementation, and evaluation of environmental modifications to produce meaningful improvement in behavior, based on over 50 years of published research. This includes the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relationship between environment and behavior: What happens right before a behavior and what happens right after are essential to understanding the functional relationship between antecedents, behaviors and consequences. It targets both skill acquisition (new desirable behaviors) and reduction (current undesirable behaviors) by employing both antecedent (proactive) and consequence (reactive) strategies.

Areas Served


Fort Campbell

Hopkinsville, KY

Oak Grove, KY Christian County & Surrounding Area



Clarksville, TN / Montgomery County & Surrounding Area

Bon Aqua, TN / Hickman County & Surrounding Area

Lebanon, TN / Wilson County & Surrounding Area

Nashville, TN / Davidson County & Surrounding Area

Franklin, TN / Williamson County & Surrounding Area

Murfreesboro, TN / Rutherford County & Surrounding Area

Pulaski, TN / Giles County & Surrounding Area

Tullahoma, TN / Coffee County & Surrounding Area

Getting Started

Pastiche Partners provides  individualized ABA therapy services tailored to child and family needs. Prior to starting therapy, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine present levels of performance, including areas of strength and skill deficits. Following the assessment, a board certified behavior analyst will work with you to create an individualized plan to address areas of development within behavior, communication, social and adaptive skills. The treatment plan will include goals to reduce challenging behavior and  increase appropriate replacement behaviors. Parents and caregivers are an essential element of effective ABA services. Our goal is to help everyone interacting with a child to become familiar with ways to implement effective strategies within everyday life to reduce challenging behaviors and increase behaviors that promote learning new skills.


Home-based ABA services focus on direct intervention and parent/caregiver training to implement the treatment plan within the natural environment of our clients with ongoing family support.


School-based ABA services focus on BCBA collaboration with school-based support services to coordinate  goals across settings and ensure consistent implementation of treatment plan components across all settings and service providers.


Community-based services focus on the generalization of mastered skills across everyday activities in everyday setting.

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